Water Filtration Systems

Clear healthy water Most of us know that water is a precious resource in the Baja area. The water that comes into our homes needs additional purification to make it safe and clean for drinking. Installing a new system, or maintaining an existing system is very important to maintain the health of your family and friends.

New Water Purification Systems:

ISI offers a wide selection of water purification systems to fit your needs. Please call us today for a consultation.

  • • Water Systems Service and Maintenance:
  • • system installed in your home
  • • water purification system
  • • ultra violet light bulbs

Water Systems Service and Maintenance:

Your system may also

be leaking from the base of the system or at the faucet. If you notice any problems with this call us right away. Neglected symptoms can cause unsafe water in your home or business.

Scheduled maintenance:

The filters and ultra violet light bulbs need to be changed every 6 months to keep your system functioning at its best. ISI offers a preventative maintenance program base to assure you this will be performed in a timely manner.

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