Why choose Cabo Air and Water?

Like all systems in homes of the Cabo San Lucas and San Jose area, your central air conditioning is a major investment. You rely on it to keep your home comfortable during our hot, humid months. Many home owners are not full time residents and it is easy to forget that these systems need to be maintained. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is as important as regular service of your car. The trouble is that we think about our vehicles far more frequently than our air conditioner. That means that many people simply forget to schedule regular ac maintenance. That could be a costly mistake. Without proper air conditioning maintenance, the lifetime of your system may be shortened and its efficiency will be reduced. The cost of your air conditioning system should be measured over the years you own it, along with the annual costs of operation. Its easy to see that the longer it lasts and runs efficiently, the lower your overall costs will be. Like all mechanical systems, repairs are also sometimes needed on central air conditioners. When it is not working correctly, or is not working at all on those hot and humid days, getting it repaired quickly is a high priority. If your home is a second home and you rent it for vacation use, it's imperative these systems work effortlessly for your guests. ISI Air and Water offers complete ac repair and maintenance service for all major brands of... more

AC Repair services: If there is a problem with your system, call us right away. Symptoms like poor cooling, unusual noises, or any change in the operation of your system should be addressed immediately. Neglected symptoms can lead to expensive compressor replacement or a failed ac unit that must be replaced. Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and in most cases fix the problem without the need for further appointments.

Service of all Major ac brands: Our hvac technicians are trained to diagnose and repair all major brands of central air conditioners whether we installed them or not. We maintain an extensive stock of parts in our warehouse, and most commonly used parts are always in our service vehicles.

All drinking water system requires periodic filter maintenance to assure you are getting safe, clean and tasty water. Most systems are equipped with a sediment filter and a carbon filter to remove particles and unwanted tastes and odors or minerals. These filters need to be changed every six months. In most water purification systems there is also an ultra violet sterilization bulb that need to be changed once a year. Both the filter and bulb need to be changed to keep your water purification system working at its best.

ISI services all major makes and models of water purification systems. We carry a large inventory of all the filters and bulbs you will need to maintain your purification system to ensure you a safe, clean and tasty product.